Just around the riverbend...

I have two new books coming soon!

A TALE BY FIRE follows fire's journey of creation, destruction, and illumination throughout the course of human history. Combining hand-drawn, childlike illustrations with the gravitas of humanity’s triumphs and tragedy, A TALE BY FIRE offers a fresh, innovative vision of outer history and inner power - and of an adult’s perspective amid a child’s medium.

My next book, BEYOND THE CRIMSON, uses a journey of color to examine the greatest illusion in the world…the illusion of separation. It is a tale of warring tribes - following the war we wage on battlefields, and the war we wage within. In the end, we must remember that our disparate branches share common roots…for we are all part of the same tree.

Want to connect? Contact me at johndbuell3@gmail.com, or follow me on Facebook. See you soon.